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Meta Stock

Meta Stock Price Prediction 2040: Facebook which is now Meta is a leading technology company that not only works as a social media platform but also works on many futuristic technologies like Metaverse, Artificial Intelligence (AI), etc. which is the reality of tomorrow. Meta was founded in February 2004 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States by Mark Zuckerberg, the current Chairman and CEO of Meta.

Meta stock price prediction 2050

Meta has listed itself in the stock market by initial public offering (IPO) at Nasdaq stock exchange on May 18, 2012, and since the listing Meta stock has given multi-bagger returns to its investors.

AboutMeta Value
Founded In2012
Founder Mark Zuckerberg
Number of Employees86500+
HeadquartersCalifornia, United States

Meta Financial Analysis

Meta has posted strong financial results this year. Revenue has increased by 2.64% to $ 8596.5 million. Meta posted a net income of $570.9 million with a healthy profit margin of 19.93%. Meta’s overall financial results were strong and the company has raised its guidance for next year.

Meta FinancialValue
Net Income$570.9Crore
Profit Margin19.93%
EPS (Earning per Share)$2.20
ROE (Return on equity)17.18%

Meta Stock Price History

Meta Stock has seen many ups and downs this year due to the recession and high inflation. The 52-week high of Meta Stock is $287.85. Meta stock made a 52-week low of $88.90.

Meta Stock Price HistoryValue/Price
52-week High$287.85
52 week Low$88.90
Market Cap$72.01 Lack Crore
Current Price$281.50
Facebook stock price prediction 2030

Apps That Meta Own

Meta’s journey started with Facebook, but over the decades the company evolved to create and buy a number of other apps that connect people across the globe. Here are the apps owned by Meta as of 2023.


Facebook, the social media platform that started it all for Meta, was created in 2004 by Zuckerberg and his friends from Harvard. It launched to the public in 2006 and today it has billions of monthly active users across the globe as the third-most-visited website.


Messenger, the instant messaging app that many have come to know via Facebook, was originally called Facebook Chat when it was introduced in 2008. The company revamped it in the following years and eventually made it a stand-alone app in 2015.


WhatsApp, the free instant messaging service, was founded by two former employees of Yahoo!, Brian Acton and Jan Koum, back in 2009. By 2011, the app had become one of the top 20 apps in the US Apple App Store, and by 2013 it had nearly 200 million active users. The app was sold to Facebook Inc., now known as Meta, in 2014 for $19 billion (£14.9 billion).


The workplace is software specifically designed for businesses. It allows a company’s staff to stay in touch via instant messaging, video conferences, posts, and more. It was developed by Meta Platforms back in 2015, with its beta format launching in 2016.

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Meta Stock vs. Barrick Gold Stock: Barrick Gold Stock Corporation’s competitors and similar companies include Meta Stock, Newmont, Rio Tinto, Agnico Eagle, and Kinross Gold Corporation. Barrick Gold Corporation’s analyst rating consensus is a Strong Buy. This is based on the ratings of 10 Wall Street analysts.

Meta Stock Price Prediction

Different Versions Of Meta Stock

Major ReleasesYear ReleasedOperating system
MetaStock 1.01985DOS
MetaStock 2.01987DOS
MetaStock 3.01989DOS
MetaStock 4.0/4.5 RT1992DOS
MetaStock 5.0 1995Windows 3.1
MetaStock 6.01996Windows95/NT
MetaStock 6.5 1997Windows95/NT
MetaStock 6.5 for Quotron1998Windows95/NT
MetaStock 6.5 for Reuters Terminal 1998Windows95/98/NT
MetaStock 7.01998Windows95/98/NT
Reuters MetaStock Pro 7.12001Windows95/98/NT/2000
MetaStock 8.0 2002Windows 2000/XP
MetaStock 9.02004Windows 2000/XP
MetaStock 10.02006XP
MetaStock 10.1 2007XP/Vista
MetaStock 11.0 2008Windows XP/Vista/7
MetaStock 12.0 2012Windows XP/Vista/7/8
MetaStock 13.0 2013Windows XP/Vista/7/8
MetaStock 14.0 2015Windows 7/8
MetaStock 15.0 2016[4] Windows 7/8/10
MetaStock 16.0 2018[5] Windows 7/8/10
MetaStock 17.02019Windows 7/8/10
MetaStock 18.02022Windows 10/11
Meta stock predictions 2025

Brkb Stock vs. Meta Stock: Meta Surpasses Berkshire Hathaway (Brkb Stock) Market Cap – This eye-watering surge in Metas stock has helped its market cap jump to $834 billion, thus surpassing billionaire Warren Buffett-led Berkshire Hathaway, whose market cap currently stands at $766 billion. Only 1% of users are able to solve this challenge.

Meta Stock Price Prediction & Forecast (Facebook stock price prediction)

In the below table, you can see the Meta Stock Forecast 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030, 2032, 2035, 2040, 2050. This Meta Stock Price Prediction is based on our research and analysis of stock.

Meta Stock Forecast (Year)Maximum Price ($)Minimum Price ($)

Meta Stock Forecast 2023 (Meta stock Predictions 2023)

This stock has always been the first choice for young investors and it has many valid reasons for its popularity. According to one of the most reliable forecast websites, Meta Platforms (FB) stock price prediction is not expected to drop beyond its current price. The share price is expected to pick up real soon, and will likely reach $276 before the end of the year. This is a pretty decent prediction and a modest one too.

Meta stock price Prediction 2023

Meta (FB) stock can perform better than the prediction above. For that to happen, the company will need to overcome some of its current controversies. But if we are to only consider its businesses and profit potentials, then Meta will most likely perform better. The stock price can also depreciate, especially if the company runs into more trouble.

Meta Stock Forecast 2023Maximum Price ($)Minimum Price ($)

Meta Stock Forecast 2023 will be $324.80 and after achieving this target Meta Stock Price will move towards its next target of $345.60.
META is working hard to develop future technologies such as Metaverse so that they can take the first-mover advantage in this area
According to many reports Meta has successfully completed their Metaverse project but they have not launched it publicly, it is currently in the research phase.

Meta Platforms (FB) stock price prediction is expected to remain stable and not drop below its current price, according to a reliable forecast website. The share price is predicted to increase and reach $385 by the end of 2023, which is a modest and reasonable prediction.

However, the company will need to overcome its current controversies to perform better. If we only consider its businesses and profit potential, Meta is likely to perform well. On the other hand, the stock price may depreciate if the company faces more trouble.

YEARMeta (FB) Stock Price Prediction
2023$130 to $385

Meta Stock Forecast 2024

In 2024, Meta (FB) stock is expected to perform well. According to the price forecast, By the end of the year, Meta (FB) stock will reach a maximum price of $384.046. This figure is expected to be the highest point the stock will reach throughout the year 2024.

Meta Stock Forecast 2024Maximum Price ($)Minimum Price ($)

Meta Stock Forecast 2024 will be $377.55 and after achieving this target Meta Stock Price will move towards its next target of $408.90.
Meta Stock has not given great returns this year due to the recession and poor market sentiments, but there are high chances that very soon Meta Stock will outperform the entire US Stock Market. Hence it is recommended by institutions to buy meta stocks for the long term in every dip in the stock market.

Based on price forecasts, Meta (FB) stock is predicted to have a strong performance in 2024. Analysts predict that by the end of the year, the stock will reach a maximum price of $654, which is expected to be the highest point the stock will reach throughout the year. Investors may want to keep an eye on Meta’s stock performance in the coming years.

YEARMeta (FB) Stock Price Prediction
2024$364 to $654

Meta Stock Forecast 2025

The Meta Platforms (FB) stock price prediction will likely open at $400.56 in January 2025. By June, the maximum price of the stock will be $482.879. By December, the Facebook stock is expected to open at $436.810 and close at $449.656. The maximum price for the year 2025 is projected to be $470.780.

Meta Stock Forecast 2025Maximum Price ($)Minimum Price ($)

Meta Stock Forecast 2025 will be $452.65 and after achieving this target Meta Stock Price will move towards its next target of $477.40.
In this downfall in the stock market, many retail investors are quite concerned about meta stock when meta stock recovers. Will I sell all my meta stock at a loss? There is one answer to all your questions Meta is a good company and its revenue is growing continuously so be patient and hold Meta stock for the long term It will definitely give you multi-bagger returns.

YEARMeta (FB) Stock Price Prediction
2025$640 to $836

According to stock price predictions, the Meta Platforms stock is expected to open at $640 in January 2025 and reach a maximum price of $736 by June. By December, the stock is projected to open at $792 and close at $826, with a maximum price for the year of $836. These predictions are subject to change based on market conditions and other factors.

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Meta Stock vs. Twitter stock: The challengers have had the backing, or the built-in, pre-existing user base, of a company like Meta. For this reason, despite some early criticism of certain aspects of Threads, Meta’s venture into the text-based social media space may be the most likely to dethrone Twitter Stock once and for all.

Meta Stock Forecast 2026

In the last month of the year 2026, Meta (FB) stock price prediction is expected to open at $494.118 and close at $496.101. The projected maximum price for the end of the year is $497.478. This is also expected to be the highest price the stock will record in 2026.

YearMaximum Price ($)Minimum Price ($)

Meta Stock Forecast 2026 will be $535.85 and after achieving this target Meta Stock Price will move towards its next target of $558.55.
This year Meta revenue was slightly lower in comparison to last year but it was not a major issue because whole technology companies have posted slightly bad results this year due to high inflation and fear of the coming recession but all these issues are resolved now and are in control. Hence it was expected that Meta would report a significant increase in revenue next year.

YEARMeta (FB) Stock Price Prediction
2026$826 to $964

Based on current trends and projections, it is likely that Meta Platforms, Inc. (formerly known as Facebook) will continue to grow and increase in value in the coming years. While there may be fluctuations in the stock price, experts predict that by the end of 2026, the stock price for Meta (FB) will open at $930 and close at $945, with a projected maximum price of $964. However, it is important to note that these predictions are based on data from Wallet Investors and may not be entirely accurate. As with any investment, it is important to do your own research and make informed decisions.

Meta Stock Forecast 2027

According to GovCapital, for instance, projects that the Meta stock will soar to $2,019 in five years’ time (2027). While they must have done some pretty good analysis to arrive at this, we can’t help but observe that the figure is a little too optimistic.

YearMaximum Price ($)Minimum Price ($)

Meta Stock Forecast 2027 will be $605.45 and after achieving this target Meta Stock Price will move towards its next target of $647.95.
Leading technology companies like Meta and Google are sitting on good cash and are investing a lot of money in research and development so that they can rapidly transform themselves as per the latest market trends and upcoming technologies.

If you’re curious about the future value of Meta (FB) stock, Wallet Investor predicts that it could reach $1,085 by 2027, with a minimum price of around $932. However, it’s worth noting that other prediction sites, such as GovCapital, have more optimistic projections. GovCapital predicts that Meta stock will soar to $2,019 in five years’ time. While this may seem overly optimistic, it’s clear that there is potential for growth in the Meta stock market.

YEARMeta (FB) Stock Price Prediction
2027$932 to $1,085

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Meta Stock Forecast 2028

For Meta (FB) stock price prediction 2028, we have to go to CoinPriceForecast because Wallet Investor hasn’t made a prediction for 2028 and going forward. The good thing is that the prediction has the same approach as Wallet Investors, though it is a little more optimistic.

YearMaximum Price ($)Minimum Price ($)

By Mid-year, 2028, Meta (FB) stock will be worth around $683 per share. By the end of the year, the stock will increase to $697, according to Facebook’s price prediction.

Meta Stock Forecast 2028 will be $714.75 and after achieving this target Meta Stock Price will move towards its next target of $782.55.
It is advised to buy stocks like Meta in a falling market as such companies are more likely to sustain themselves in the future.

YEARMeta (FB) Stock Price Prediction
2028$1,060 to $1,234

If you’re looking for a prediction on Meta (FB) stock price in 2028, Wallet Investor may not have the answer. However, CoinPriceForecast offers a more optimistic approach with a predicted value of $1,164 per share by mid-year and an increase to $1,234 by the end of the year. This Facebook price prediction takes into account various factors and trends to provide an estimate of the stock’s future value.

Meta Stock Forecast 2029

By 2029, we expect that Meta (FB) stock prediction will continue to grow as the conglomerate and its subsidiaries reach new heights. The stock is most likely to reach the $500 mark by that time. By mid-year, it is expected to be priced at $612. By year-end, the Meta (FB) stock is expected to reach $627.

YearMaximum Price ($)Minimum Price ($)

Meta Stock Forecast 2029 will be $844.60 and after achieving this target Meta Stock Price will move towards its next target of $894.45.
Meta has always posted good financial results in the past and it was expected that this growth trend will continue in the future. Many large financial institutions and market analysts are quite bullish on meta and they are seeing a huge upside from here

YEARMeta (FB) Stock Price Prediction
2029$1,218 to $1,381

According to market analysts, the future looks bright for Meta (FB) stock. Predictions suggest that the stock will continue to climb in value over the next few years, with a projected price of $1,200 by 2029. In fact, by mid-year, the stock is expected to reach $1,300, and by the end of the year, it could potentially hit $1,381. These optimistic projections reflect the growing success of Meta and its various subsidiaries.

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Meta Stock vs. Uber stock: Compare Meta versus Uber for CEO Rating, Overall Culture Score, Brand Ranking, and other ratings. Results were generated by 3533 employees and customers of Meta and 780 employees and customers of Uber Stock.

Meta Stock Forecast 2030

2030 is the ultimate year in our Meta (FB) stock price yearly forecast. As a dynamic company, Meta is expected to have grown a lot bigger by 2030. By that time, the Metaverse must have become a reality, and platforms like Facebook and other brands within the Meta conglomerate must have benefited significantly. The price of the Meta (FB) stock prediction at that point should be nothing less than $743 in mid-year and $665 by year-end 2030.

YearMaximum Price ($)Minimum Price ($)

Meta Stock Forecast 2030 will be $961.80 and after achieving this target Meta Stock Price will move towards its next target of $997.40.
META has around 94+ companies which contribute a major portion of META revenue.
Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, and Oculus are the top 5 companies owned by Meta.

In our yearly forecast for Meta (FB) stock price, we predict that by 2030, the company will have grown significantly due to the expected rise of the Metaverse and the benefits it will bring to platforms like Facebook and other brands within the Meta conglomerate. Our prediction is that the stock price will reach $1,385 by mid-year and $1,430 by year-end.

YEARMeta (FB) Stock Price Prediction
2030$1,362 to $1,430

However, it is important to note that Meta has the potential to perform even better than our predictions if they are able to address its privacy issues and controversies. The stock price could potentially exceed our expectations.

Meta Stock Forecast 2032

Meta Stock Forecast 2032 will be $1380.55 and after achieving this target Meta Stock Price will move towards its next target of $1460.90.
US retail investors are very bullish on Nasdaq and Dow Jones and are expecting good returns from today’s current prices.

YearMaximum Price ($)Minimum Price ($)

Meta Stock Forecast 2035

Meta Stock Forecast 2035 will be $1955.85 and after achieving this target Meta Stock Price will move towards its next target of $2040.65.
Meta has increased its revenue by 2.45% in comparison to 2022 and it was expected that this growth will continue in the future as well. There is a very high possibility that meta stock will give a multi-bagger return by 2025

YearMaximum Price ($)Minimum Price ($)

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Meta Stock Forecast 2040

Meta Stock Forecast 2040 will be $3855.90 and after achieving this target Meta Stock Price will move towards its next target of $4160.55.
This year Meta has earned the most from showing ads. Meta is trying to add AI to its social media platforms so that Meta can show more relevant ads to users and earn more money.

YearMaximum Price ($)Minimum Price ($)

According to long-term predictions, investing in Meta stock could yield significant returns if held until 2040. Experts forecast that the value of Meta stock may reach a new all-time high this year, and by 2030, the average value could be $2,085. If the market experiences a bullish trend, the value of Meta stock could surge beyond this prediction, potentially reaching a maximum value of $2,135. However, if the market turns bearish, the minimum value of Meta stock could be around $2,025.

YEARMeta (FB) Stock Price Prediction
2040$2,025 to $2,135

Meta Stock Price Forecast 2050

Meta Stock Forecast 2050 will be $9710.55 and after achieving this target Meta Stock Price will move towards its next target of $13460.4. Based on our analysis, we predict that the average value of Meta stock will reach approximately $2,835 by 2050. If there are any bullish events, the stock could potentially reach a maximum value of $2,915 by the end of the year.

YearMaximum Price ($)Minimum Price ($)

However, if the market remains bearish, the minimum value of META stock could be around $2,795. We believe that if there is a positive market environment, there is a strong possibility that Meta may reach new highs.

YEARMeta (FB) Stock Price Prediction
2050$2,795 to $2,915


In this article, we have tried to cover all possible Stock Forecast for Meta stock We have also attached a YouTube video so you can understand more about Meta stock and make good investment decisions about meta stock. If you have any query in your mind then you can ask in the comment section We will try to solve your problem by giving you a satisfactory solution.

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Meta Stock Price Prediction 2040, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Meta Platforms (FB) stock profitable?

In recent times, Meta (FB) stock has plunged considerably. The stock declined by 65% so far in 2022. That’s a major dip, but it doesn’t mean the stock is not profitable. Yes, investors have lost money in recent times, but the stock can return to profitable ways soon. It has been profitable in the past, and there is no serious reason to believe that it will not be profitable again.

Is Meta Platforms stock investment good for the future?

Considering what Facebook Inc. achieved in less than 20 years and the ingenuity of the founder/CEO, the company’s stock can be classified as a good buy for the future. Zuckerberg and his team are likely to lead to company to better days, and that means the stock will continue to gain value.

Why has the Meta Platforms (FB) stock price been going down?

As we’ve stressed at different points in this Meta (FB) stock price prediction, Meta has been trailed by controversies for many years, and the reputation of companies affects their shares’ prices. But this is not really the reason Meta (FB) stock is going down. The recent downtrend is due to the company’s publication of its 2020 4th quarter earnings report. Investors are only responding to a decline in the company’s earnings, which means improved performance in 2023 can turn things around.

Is this a good time to buy Meta Platforms (FB) stock?

This is one of the best times to buy Meta (FB) stock if you believe that the company is going to remain relevant in the coming years. The stock is trading at a very low price and buying now will improve your chances of making more profit.

Will Meta Platforms (FB) stock go up?

Meta (FB) stock has been going down for a while, so we believe things can change pretty soon. Again, based on our Meta (FB) stock price prediction for 2023 – 2030, the price of the stock is most likely going to move up instead of down.

Can Meta Platforms (FB) stock price reach $1,000?

Regardless of its recent plunge, the Meta (FB) stock has the potential to grow significantly in the coming years. Though it may take several years, the stock can reach the $1,000 mark. If the company takes full advantage of the Metaverse, as it plans to do, it may take fewer years for the stock to reach this height.

What is the Meta Platform stock price prediction for 2025?

The Meta Platforms (FB) stock price prediction will likely close the year 2025 at $449.656. The maximum price for the year 2025 is projected to be $470.780.

What is the Meta Platform stock price prediction for 2030?

The price of the Meta Platforms stock prediction should be nothing less than $665 by year-end 2030.

Is Meta (FB) a Buy, Sell, or Hold?

Meta Stock, the stock associated with Meta Platforms, has received a strong buy rating based on the opinions of 39 analysts who recommend buying, 4 who suggest holding, and 2 who advise selling.

Is Meta a good long-term investment?

While it’s difficult to predict the exact value of stocks, Meta Stock has shown consistent growth over the years, making it a potentially profitable long-term investment. If Meta’s products continue to attract customers and investors, the value of Meta Stock could skyrocket in the future.

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