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Brkb Stock Price Forecast 2025: Berkshire Hathaway Inc. is a holding company that owns subsidiaries engaged in various business activities. Berkshire’s various business activities include insurance businesses conducted on both a primary basis and a reinsurance basis. This stock has always been the first choice for young investors and it has many valid reasons for its popularity.

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Its segments include Insurance, which consists of GEICO, Berkshire Hathaway Primary Group, and Berkshire Hathaway Reinsurance Group; Railroad (BNSF), which includes operations of railroad systems in North America through Burlington Northern Santa Fe LLC; Berkshire Hathaway Energy, which includes regulated electric and gas utility.

Brkb Stock Price Forecast 2025

Manufacturing, which includes the manufacture of various products, including industrial, consumer, and building products; McLane Company, which includes the wholesale distribution of groceries and non-food items; Service and retailing, which provides shared aircraft ownership programs, aviation pilot training, electronic components distribution, and various retailing businesses, and Pilot Travel Centers.

Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Company Profile

Berkshire Hathaway Inc., through its subsidiaries, engages in the insurance, freight rail transportation, and utility businesses worldwide. It provides property, casualty, life, accident, and health insurance and reinsurance; and operates railroad systems in North America.

The company also generates, transmits, stores, and distributes electricity from natural gas, coal, wind, solar, hydroelectric, nuclear, and geothermal sources; operates natural gas distribution and storage facilities, interstate pipelines, liquefied natural gas facilities, and compressor and meter stations; and holds interest in coal mining assets.

In addition, the company manufactures boxed chocolates and other confectionery products; specialty chemicals, metal cutting tools, and components for aerospace and power generation applications; flooring products; insulation, roofing, and engineered products; building and engineered components; paints and coatings; and bricks and masonry products, as well as offers manufactured and site-built home construction, and related lending and financial services.

Further, it provides recreational vehicles, apparel and footwear products, jewelry, and custom picture framing products, as well as alkaline batteries; castings, forgings, fasteners/fastener systems, aerostructures, and precision components; and cobalt, nickel, and titanium alloys. Additionally, the company distributes televisions and information; franchises and services quick service restaurants; distributes electronic components; and offers logistics services, grocery and foodservice distribution services, and professional aviation training and shared aircraft ownership programs.

Brkb Stock Price Forecast

It also retails automobiles; furniture, bedding, and accessories; household appliances, electronics, and computers; jewelry, watches, crystal, china, stemware, flatware, gifts, and collectibles; kitchenware; and motorcycle clothing and equipment. The company was incorporated in 1998 and is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska.

Types Of Berkshire Hathaway Shares

Investors interested in buying into Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway have two options: Class A stock (BRK.A) and Class B stock (BRK.B). The two types of shares each provide access to the famous conglomerate, but they have important differences.

The main difference between the two types of shares is their price. On July 17, 2023, the company’s Class A shares closed at $523,500 per share. Compare that to the more affordable Class B shares, which closed at $344.25 on the same day.

Silent Features of Berkshire Hathaway Shares

  • Berkshire Hathaway Class A is the company’s original stock offering, known for its stratospheric price per share.
  • Berkshire Hathaway Class B shares, first issued in 1996, are more modestly priced and have a correspondingly modest share of equity value in the company.
  • There can be minor differences between the two in market performance, but the key difference is that Class B is affordable to small investors.

Berkshire Hathaway is a conglomerate of many different businesses. It is currently the 8th biggest publicly traded company in the world, with a market cap of $745B. It is operated by the world’s most famous investor, Warren Buffett, who also has the majority of his own net worth in Berkshire shares. Berkshire Hathway has two different types of stock that you can invest in:

Class A shares: BRK.A

Class B shares are a classification of common stock that may be accompanied by more or fewer voting rights than Class A shares. Class B shares may also have lower repayment priority in the event of bankruptcy.

A detailed description of a company’s different classes of stock is included in the company’s prospectus, bylaws, and charter.

Key Factors Of Class A Shares
  • Class B shares are issued by corporations as a class of common stock with fewer voting rights and lower dividend priority than Class A shares.
  • Such a dual-class structure might be instituted if the original owners of the company wanted to sell the majority of their stake in the firm but still maintain control and make key decisions.
  • Class B shares may also refer to mutual fund shares that carry no sales load.
Types of Class A Shares
  1. Traditional Class A Shares: Insiders own these shares, and they generally have enhanced voting rights and other privileges. Traditional Class A shares are what many people still think of as Class A shares.
  2. Technology Class A Shares: These shares are owned by the general public, trade on public markets, and typically carry one vote. In this arrangement, insiders usually control class B shares, which have ten times as much voting power and do not trade on public exchanges. Finally, Class C shares are publicly owned and traded but do not have any voting power. This Google share class structure is popular among technology companies.
  3. High-Priced Class A Shares: These shares are publicly owned and traded in theory. However, they are often out of reach for individual investors in actual practice because of their high prices. Rather than a stock split, these firms create Class B shares that sell at only a fraction of the price of Class A shares.

Class B shares: BRK.B

Class A shares refer to a classification of common stock that was traditionally accompanied by more voting rights than Class B shares. However, there is no legal requirement that companies structure their share classes this way. For example, Meta (formerly Facebook) awards more voting rights to Class B shares.1 In any case, the share class with the most voting rights is typically reserved for the company’s management team.

Suppose that Class A has the highest voting rights, as was traditionally the case. Then, one Class A share might be accompanied by five voting rights, while one Class B share could have only one right to vote. A detailed description of a company’s different stock classes is included in the company’s bylaws and charter.

Key Factors Of Class B shares
  • Class A shares refer to a classification of common stock that was traditionally accompanied by more voting rights than Class B shares.
  • Traditional Class A shares are not sold to the public and also can’t be traded by the holders of the shares.
  • Traditional Class A shares are only one type of Class A share, and companies are free to structure themselves differently.

The most important difference between Berkshire Hathaway’s class A and class B shares is the stock price. As of June 30th, 2023, the class B shares are trading for $341.10 while the class A shares are trading for $516,714 per share. However, there are several other important differences between the two types of stock.

Brkb Stock Price Forecast

Brkb Stock vs. Meta Stock: Meta Stock Surpasses Berkshire Hathaway’s Market Cap – This eye-watering surge in Meta’s stock has helped its market cap jump to $834 billion, thus surpassing billionaire Warren Buffett-led Berkshire Hathaway, whose market cap currently stands at $766 billion. Only 1% of users are able to solve this challenge.

Berkshire class A vs. class B stock: Key Differences

Berkshire Hathaway’s A and B shares have vastly different stock prices, but they also differ when it comes to voting rights and convertibility. Here are the key differences.

Buffett insists that the Class A shares will never experience a stock split because he believes the high share price attracts like-minded investors, those focused on long-term profits rather than on short-term price fluctuations.

Along with being more accessible to retail investors, Class B shares offer the benefit of flexibility. If an investor owns just one share of Class A and is in need of some cash, the only option is to sell that single share, even if its price far exceeds the amount of money they need to access.

In contrast, a holder of Class B shares can liquidate part of their Berkshire Hathaway holdings just up to the amount needed to meet cash flow requirements. Class B also provides a potential tax benefit: The much lower price means that Class B stock can be passed to heirs without triggering the gift tax the way passing Class A shares does.

One final difference is that Class A shares can be converted into an equivalent amount of Class B shares any time a Class A shareholder wishes to do so. The conversion privilege does not exist in reverse. Class B shareholders can only convert their holdings to Class A by selling their Class B shares and then buying the equivalent in Class A.

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1. The class A stock price is much higher

One class B share (BRK.B) is equivalent to 1/1500 of a class A share (BRK.A). Berkshire’s stock price follows this ratio very closely. Both of the prices move in tandem. They go up and down together and never deviate much from the 1/1500 ratio.

Brkb Stock Price Forecast

For example, the class A stock is trading for exactly $516,714 at the time of this writing. If you divide that number by 1500, you get $344.47 — which is incredibly close to the $341.10 that the class B stock is currently trading at.

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2. Class A stock has more voting rights

When you buy stock in a company, you are effectively purchasing an ownership stake. Berkshire Hathaway stock is no different. When you buy both class A and class B shares, then you become a part-owner of the business. A single class B share represents 1/1500 of the ownership of a class A share.

So, if Berkshire ever decides to pay a dividend, then the dividend paid to a class B share will be exactly 1/1500 of a dividend paid for a class B share. Unfortunately, this does not apply to voting rights. A single class B share has 1/10,000 of the voting rights of a class A share. So, dollar for dollar, you get 6.66 times as much voting power from the class A shares. That said, most regular investors will never be able to buy enough shares for their vote to make a difference, at least not in such a large company.

3. Class A shares can be converted into class B, but not the other way around

If you own class A shares, then you can convert them into class B at any time. Each class A share you convert then becomes 1500 class B shares. However, this only goes in one direction. It is not possible to convert B into A. The only way to change your holdings from class B to class A would be to sell your B shares and buy the A shares instead.

Brkb stock vs. Barrick Gold Stock: Warren Buffett bought an approximate stake of US$565 million in Barrick Gold Stock in Q2 2020. Berkshire’s stock performance has generally been solid, increasing at a 9.5% CAGR during 2018-22, compared with a 9.4% average annual return for the S&P 500 TR Index.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Berkshire Hathaway Class A and Class B Shares

Given the astronomical price of Class A shares, most investors do not have much of an option of which type of share to buy if they’re interested in Berkshire. For investors who are able to make a decision between investing in a smaller number of Class A shares or a much larger number of Class B shares, there are a few pros and cons of each to keep in mind.


Class A shares historically tend to slightly outperform Class B shares, but this is by no means a guaranteed outcome in the future. Keep in mind that this may be due to different pools of investors and market dynamics. Class A shares also offer the convenience of a long-term investment without much possibility of a stock split down the line.

Investors looking for flexibility or without a great deal of money have the option to invest in Berkshire’s Class B shares. As such, someone looking to adjust their stake in Berkshire in a more granular way will likely prefer the dramatically lower price of this stock. With an equivalent investment in Class B shares, an investor has the opportunity to sell off a portion of their holdings in order to generate an artificial dividend or to better balance a portfolio.

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One of the most obvious drawbacks to investing in the company is the price of the Class A share. There really is no way for the average investor to purchase even a single share in the company. Even investing in a mutual fund or exchange-traded fund (ETF) that has Class A shares in its portfolio won’t guarantee that you get the equivalent of a single share of this stock.

Because there is more flexibility in Class B shares than Class A shares of Berkshire Hathaway, investors may expect a stock split in the future, thereby diluting their interests in the company.

Pros And Cons

Class A shares outperform Class B shares
Long-term investment option with Class A share
Class B shares offer greater flexibility 
Costly Class A shares
Possible stock splits in Class B shares may dilute ownership

Berkshire Hathaway Inc. vs Twitter Inc.: Twitter Stock Price Prediction 2030 associated with Berkshire (Brkb) Hathaway. After buying Twitter for $44bn in 2022, Elon Musk took the reins of the platform and company and revolutionised it completely.

Brkb Stock Price Forecast/Prediction 2025, 2030, 2040

If we take a look at the past performance of Brk.b stock, then Brk.b stock was launched in the stock market on May 10, 1996. The stock price at the time of listing was $24. Since its listing, Brk.b stock has given a 1250% return to its investors. The stock has seen a growth rate of 66% in the last five years.

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Brkb Stock Price Forecast 2025

The company continues to buy back its shares quite a bit, which boosts the value of the remaining shares. Warren Buffett and his team have also invested in other publicly traded companies, including adding to Berkshire’s stake in four companies in the fourth quarter of 2022.

If we talk about Brk.b stock price prediction for 2025, then according to stock’s chart analysis Brk.b stock price can be seen between $380 to $400 in 2025.

Brkb Stock Price Forecast 2030

Berkshire Hathaway also benefits from overall economic growth. Revenue and profits for the company’s insurance, railroad, and energy businesses should increase nicely if the economy performs well in the coming years. Berkshire’s equity holdings, notably including Apple, could help propel its own stock higher, too.

If we talk about Brk.b stock price prediction for 2030, then in 2030 Brk.b stock will average price of $560 and have a maximum price of $600, and Brk.b stock minimum price level will be $490 in 2030.

Brkb Stock Price Forecast 2040

If we have a look at the performance of the company so far, then the company appears to be fundamentally and financially sound. The company has a lot of cash reserves, and it has invested in big companies. 

With the growth of those companies, it is natural for the company to grow as well. In 2040, Brk.b stock’s average price can be seen up to $1150 and its maximum price is up to $1300.

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Berkshire Hathaway Inc. vs Uber Inc.: Uber Stock and Berkshire Hathaway disagreed on the terms and size of the deal, according to the report, so Uber tried to talk Buffett into a smaller stake. Buffett’s comments were in response to a Bloomberg report that said Berkshire offered Uber a $3 billion investment earlier this year.

BRKB: BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC-CL B stock forecast 2022, 2023 2025 2027 2030, 2032

BRKB: BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC-CL B stock forecast for 2023

DatePrice TargetChange
2023 Oct.$371.831.08%
2023 Nov.$373.100.34%
2023 Dec.$373.500.11%
Brkb Stock Price Forecast

BRKB: BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC-CL B stock forecast for 2024

DataPrice TargetChange
2024 Jan.$373.180.09%
2024 Feb.$373.230.01%
2024 Mar.$374.000.21%
2024 Apr.$375.170.31%
2024 May.$375.130.01%
2024 Jun.$374.500.17%
2024 Jul.$374.940.12%
2024 Aug.$374.710.06%
2024 Sep.$373.770.25%
2024 Oct.$372.340.38%
2024 Nov.$370.260.56%
2024 Dec.$368.180.56%
Brkb Stock Price Forecast

BRKB: BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC-CL B stock forecast for 2025

DataPrice TargetChange
2025 Jan.$366.140.55%
2025 Feb.$362.840.90%
2025 Mar.$358.111.30%
2025 Apr.$354.411.03%
2025 May.$352.910.42%
2025 Jun.$351.830.30%
2025 Jul.$350.290.44%
2025 Aug.$348.440.53%
2025 Sep.$345.540.83%
2025 Oct.$343.240.67%
2025 Nov.$341.520.50%
2025 Dec.$339.700.53%
Brkb Stock Price Forecast

BRKB: BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC-CL B stock forecast for 2026

DataPrice TargetChange
2026 Jan.$338.060.48%
2026 Feb.$338.470.12%
2026 Mar.$345.672.13%
2026 Apr.$351.311.63%
2026 May.$325.647.31%
2026 Jun.$295.819.16%
2026 Jul.$287.252.89%
2026 Aug.$286.560.24%
2026 Sep.$289.791.13%
2026 Oct.$300.813.80%
2026 Nov.$328.089.07%
2026 Dec.$341.694.15%
Brk.b Stock Price Forecast

BRKB: BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC-CL B stock forecast for 2027

DatePrice TargetChange
2027 Jan.$343.470.52%
2027 Feb.$345.190.50%
2027 Mar.$346.870.49%
2027 Apr.$348.250.40%
2027 May.$348.820.16%
2027 Jun.$349.510.20%
2027 Jul.$350.590.31%
2027 Aug.$351.790.34%
2027 Sep.$352.390.17%
2027 Oct.$351.800.17%
2027 Nov.$349.620.62%
2027 Dec.$345.891.07%

BRKB: BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC-CL B stock forecast for 2028

DatePrice TargetChange
2028 Jan.$341.331.32%
2028 Feb.$336.431.44%
2028 Mar.$331.261.54%
2028 Apr.$325.701.68%
2028 May.$319.451.92%
2028 Jun.$312.182.27%
2028 Jul.$303.642.73%
2028 Aug.$293.823.24%
2028 Sep.$283.143.63%
2028 Oct.$272.403.80%
2028 Nov.$262.173.75%
2028 Dec.$253.043.48%
Brk.b Stock Price Forecast

BRKB: BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC-CL B stock forecast for 2029

DataPrice TargetChange
2029 Jan.$246.372.64%
2029 Feb.$242.781.46%
2029 Mar.$241.460.54%
2029 Apr.$241.200.11%
2029 May.$241.32 0.05%
2029 Jun.$241.580.11%
2029 Jul.$241.950.15%
2029 Aug.$242.580.26%
2029 Sep.$243.480.37%
2029 Oct.$244.560.45%
2029 Nov.$245.730.48%
2029 Dec.$246.860.46%

BRKB: BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC-CL B stock forecast for 2030

DataPrice TargetChange
2030 Jan.$247.940.43%
2030 Feb.$249.020.44%
2030 Mar.$250.120.44%
2030 Apr.$251.400.51%
2030 May$253.480.83%
2030 Jun.$258.852.11%
2030 Jul.$273.505.66%
2030 Aug.$282.053.13%
2030 Sep.$291.473.34%
2030 Oct.$302.533.80%
2030 Nov.$311.803.06%
2031 Dec$318.372.11%

BRKB: BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC-CL B stock forecast for 2031

Brk.b Stock Price Forecast
DataPrice TargetChange
2031 Jan.$322.301.24%
2031 Feb.$323.800.47%
2031 Mar.$323.350.14%
2031 Apr.$321.680.52%
2031 May$319.580.65%
2031 Jun.$317.710.58%
2031 Jul.$316.580.36%
2031 Aug.$316.830.08%
2031 Sep.$319.960.99%
2031 Oct.$325.471.72%
2031 Nov.$332.472.15%
2031 Dec.$341.562.73%

BRKB: BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC-CL B stock forecast for 2032

DataPrice TargetChange
2032 Jan.$353.023.36%
2032 Feb.$366.203.73%
2032 Mar.$380.223.83%
2032 Apr.$394.093.65%
2032 May$406.753.21%
2032 Jun.$417.122.55%
2032 Jul.$424.441.76%
2023 Aug.$428.610.98%
2032 Sep.$430.130.35%
2032 Oct.$429.820.07%
2023 Nov.$428.630.28%
2032 Dec.$427.440.28%

BRKB: BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC-CL B stock forecast for 2033

DataPrice TargetChange
2033 Jan.$427.100.08%
2033 Feb.$428.400.30%
2033 Mar.$431.950.83%
2033 Apr.$437.861.37%
2033 May$445.521.75%
2033 Jun.$453.801.86%
2033 Jul.$461.571.71%
2033 Aug.$468.011.40%
2033 Sep.$472.771.02%


As CEO, Warren Buffet has helped Berkshire Hathaway become one of the most valuable companies in the world. The company’s Class A shares are among the world’s most coveted stocks. That’s because it comes with great value but also a hefty price tag, which makes it out of reach of the average investor. If you’re looking for a way to reap the benefits of investing in the company, consider Berkshire’s Class B shares. As with any other investment venture, make sure they align with your goals and investment philosophy.

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Brkb Stock Price Forecast 2025, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it smart to buy Berkshire Hathaway stock?

Buying shares of Berkshire Hathaway can be a smart investment. For example, as of mid-2023, shares of Berkshire Hathaway have outperformed the S&P 500 over the last five years.

How do I buy Berkshire Hathaway stock directly?

To buy shares of Berkshire Hathaway, you must:
1. Open a brokerage account.
2. Fund your account.
3. Open the order page.
4. Fill out the order page, including selecting the right ticker, the number of shares you want to purchase, and whether it’s a market or limit order.
5. Submit the purchase order.

Is Brk.b a good investment for the long term?

According to our analysis, Brk.b. is a good stock for long-term investment. Experts believe that in the next few years, the market cap of Brk.B. can cross $1 trillion. So we can say that Brk.b is a good investment for the long term.

Dose Brk.b have a dividend?

The Brk.b. company does not pay any dividends to its shareholders.

Why Doesn’t Berkshire Hathaway Stock Split?

Warren Buffet has stated that he would never split the class-A shares of Berkshire Hathaway, even though they trade at almost $530,000 per share. His reasoning is that he wants to only attract long-term, high-quality buy-and-hold investors and discourage scalpers and day traders.

How Many Berkshire Hathaway Shares Are There?

There are 1.45 million Berkshire Hathaway Class A shares outstanding. More than 2.17 billion Class B shares were outstanding as of July 20, 2023.

Can a Shareholder Convert Berkshire A Shares Into B Shares?

Each share of Class A Common Stock is convertible, at the option of the holder, into 1,500 shares of Class B Common Stock. Shares of Class B Common Stock are not convertible into shares of Class A Common Stock.

How does Brb.b make money?

Berkshire Hathaway owns businesses in insurance, energy generation, retail transportation, distribution, manufacturing, and retailing.

Why did Berkshire Hathaway split its stock?

Warren Buffett resisted the idea of splitting Berkshire Hathaway’s stock for a long time. However, in 1996, Buffett and Berkshire’s board of directors decided to introduce the class B shares. At the time, Berkshire’s stock was already trading at more than $30,000 per share. This made it out of reach for many investors.

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