Shibarium Beta Launch Kicks Off Road Map Progress


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Blockchain Dev Excited as Shibarium Beta Launch Kicks Off Road Map Progress: The blockchain developer API NOWNodes, which indicated support for Shibarium, has announced that it has activated the first step of its Shibarium road map.

Shibarium Beta Launch Kicks Off Road Map Progress

Shibarium Beta Launch Kicks Off Road Map Progress

Shibarium Beta Launch Kicks Off Road Map Progress: The early beta test of the Shibarium Network has begun, as the Shiba Inu team announced on March 11.

Excited about the just-released beta version, NOWNodes says it will open a prerelease form so users can sign up for early access to Shibarium mainnet nodes as soon as the protocol is launched. NOWNodes published a road map defining its integration strategy for the Layer 2 solution, as was previously reported.

Shibarium is anticipated to go through three phases of release: beta, mainnet development, and mainnet release. As its first Shibarium road map step, NOWNodes says internal tests will be carried out throughout the beta phase as it prepares for mainnet release. NOWNodes says it will carry out safety checks and make the appropriate changes in Shibarium’s mainnet development phase. Then the final step in its Shibarium roadmap will see the launch of SHIB node access at the launch of the Shibarium mainnet.

More on Shibarium beta

Shibarium Beta Launch Kicks Off Road Map Progress: In a blog post, the Shiba Inu team stated that it had begun the early beta test of the Shibarium network called “PUPPYNET.” It makes it clear that network transactions will determine how SHIB burns occur.

According to the team, a running chart for burned SHIB will be available on the burn portal as part of the Shibarium Network’s beta testing. Additionally, it states that all “PUPPYNET” tokens are not real and cautions users against losing their hard-earned SHIB.

As a Layer 2 blockchain, Shibarium enables anyone to create dApps, connect them to real-world (IRL) businesses, and use them to power initiatives. “It is low-cost, burns SHIB in the process, and is being adjusted as the beta test continues over the next few months,” the document explains.

Shibarium Beta Launch Kicks Off Road Map Progress


Shibarium Beta Launch Kicks Off Road Map Progress: Shibarium embarks on becoming a robust Layer 2 blockchain and a transitional evolution to the Shiba Ecosystem. Shibarium’s layer 2 is a collective blockchain that scales and invites solutions, innovation, and security to the Decentralized Finance Space.

This blockchain (L2) runs on top of the Ethereum blockchain, which the SHIB ecosystem tokens (SHIB, LEASH & BONE) utilize. A Layer 2 blockchain provides the benefits of scalability, faster transaction times, lower fees, and an expanded development framework.

With the evolution of Web 3, blockchain technology is starting to emerge into the commonplace. Some of the biggest obstacles to mainstream adoption are the cost and speed of transactions.

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