How NFTs Could Revolutionize Startup Funding


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How NFTs Could Revolutionize Startup Funding – Interview with Daniel Tenner. At the Blockchain Economy London Summit, Crypto news had the opportunity to sit down with Daniel Tenner, the founder of Pledg3r and GrantTree, to discuss the game-changing potential of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the world of startup funding.

How NFTs Could Revolutionize Startup Funding

How NFTs Could Revolutionize Startup Funding

During the interview, Tenner the founder of Pledg3r and GrantTree shared his expert insights on how NFTs can offer a unique fundraising model for businesses, and how this innovative technology can benefit both startups and investors.

NFTs as a Startup Fundraising Tool

How NFTs Could Revolutionize Startup Funding: Tenner’s experience in the startup world led him to explore NFTs as a fundraising tool for businesses. As the founder of GrantTree, a company that helps tech startups get government funding, Tenner had been deeply involved in the startup ecosystem for over a decade.

How NFTs Could Revolutionize Startup Funding: After leaving GrantTree in 2019, he rediscovered himself through crypto and NFTs and realized that NFTs presented a powerful fundraising model for startups. Despite the fact that most NFT-based startups were not successful, Tenner saw the potential in the fundraising model itself and noticed that no one else was tapping into this potential. As such, Tenner decided to build his own NFT-based fundraising platform.

How NFTs Could Revolutionize Startup Funding

Benefits For Both Startups and Investors

How NFTs Could Revolutionize Startup Funding: Tenner explained that NFTs differ from traditional fundraising methods like equity crowdfunding or venture capital in several ways. For investors, NFTs provide greater liquidity, which is a huge advantage compared to traditional startup stocks which can be very liquid. In addition, NFTs can offer investors greater engagement and enjoyment, with associated benefits that can be more exciting than receiving reports only once a year or quarter.

“From a startup perspective, NFTs can provide the advantage of having investors who are also customers, which can help turn early investors into super fans and evangelists who can help with marketing,” he said. Another advantage is that NFT-based fundraising can go “global from day one,” rather than being limited to local fundraising efforts.

The Importance of Investor Education in Making Smart Investment Decisions

How NFTs Could Revolutionize Startup Funding: Tenner emphasized the importance of investor education in making smart investment decisions. He has been making YouTube videos and writing threads for a year and a half, with the goal of educating people to be better investors. According to Tenner, there is a “huge flaw in the education system, with people having basically no financial education when they come out of school”.

How NFTs Could Revolutionize Startup Funding

He believes that people should be taught how to balance a budget and how to invest, as these are “critical skills to building wealth”. Indeed, without proper education, people can fall prey to scammers. Tenner hopes that either people like him or governments can fill this educational gap.

Bring the Benefits of NFTs to One Billion People

How NFTs Could Revolutionize Startup Funding: Tenner sees a bright future for NFT-based fundraising, hoping that as Pledg3r continues to succeed, more people will copy what the company is doing, providing many more options for fundraising through NFTs. Although some people see NFTs as a big thing, Tenner thinks that, in reality, it is “still a very tiny space” so there’s plenty of room to grow.

However, he believes that in the future, “people won’t even realize they’re using NFTs”, as everything will have become an NFT in one way or another and the user interface will be completely seamless. For Tenner, the ultimate goal is not to onboard one billion people to NFTs but to bring the benefits of NFTs and Web3 to one billion people.

How NFTs Could Revolutionize Startup Funding

As the NFT space continues to evolve and grow, Tenner’s efforts to educate and expand the market for NFT-based fundraising could play a pivotal role in shaping its future. Tenner’s vision for NFT-based fundraising is ambitious yet practical, and he is confident that Pledg3r’s success will pave the way for more innovative ways to fundraise through NFTs, ultimately bringing the benefits of this technology to a much wider audience.

Daniel Tenner Biography and Net Worth

Daniel Ernest Tanner, portrayed by the late Bob Saget and by John Posey in the unaired pilot, is a widowed father of three girls: Michelle, Stephanie, and D.J. He is a co-host of Wake Up, San Francisco. Before that, he was a sportscaster. He is the brother-in-law of Jesse Katsopolis and has a best friend named Joey Gladstone.

Daniel Tenner Biography and Net Worth

Daniel Tenner Biography

Early Life

Daniel Tenner Biography and Net Worth: Danny Tanner was born on December 11, 1957, to Claire Tanner and his father. He has a younger sister named Wendy. In 1968, when he was 10, he was being bullied by a big kid named Sheldon until Joey Gladstone stepped up and saved him and that is how they became best friends.

In September 1972, Danny was in 10th grade when he meets Pamela. They would later elope at a young age, which made his mother cry about it for months and caused Jesse Katsopolis, who was 13 years old at the time, to beat him up. They properly got married in 1976 and would have a daughter named D.J. on February 9, 1977.

Danny Tanner loaned Joey $800, on March 12, 1977, when his car broke down. They were also in the same college. On April 27, 1980, during their college years, the Lambda Tau attacked Danny and took his fraternity’s mascot, a stuffed seal. Danny Tanner Finished College in June 1980, along with Joey, and ended up getting a Billard Scholarship.

Daniel Tenner Biography and Net Worth

Danny Tanner and Pam would later have two other daughters: Stephanie and Michelle. Then, on May 12, 1987, Pamela died in a car accident caused by a drunk driver. Danny Tanner’s mom took care of the kids and house in the three months before Jesse and Joey move in.


Daniel Tenner Biography and Net Worth: After a degree in Physics from Oxford and a 4-year stint in Accenture’s Financial Services division, Daniel started down the entrepreneurial war path in 2007. After two failed startups, his third attempt was a success: GrantTree a company that helps other startups access government funding, is currently on target to turn over £2m this year, with 23 employees. Through this time, Daniel also built the resource of practical advice articles for entrepreneurs, and currently blogs at His current focus here is on open cultures.


Daniel Tenner Biography and Net Worth: Danny is the archetype of the “not-hip dad” or the “uncool” character. He sees himself as the “raddest, baddest” dad ever. In episodes like “Ol’ Brown Eyes” or “To Joey, With Love”, he wants to show the others that he has the same coolness that Jesse has. In “Ol Brown Eyes”, when Danny is dressed like a rock star, D.J. finds him to be very embarrassing.

Daniel Tenner Biography and Net Worth

Danny is usually seen as a control freak, not by just the girls, but by the rest of the family as a whole. In addition to the spring cleaning (see below), he made a “Clipboard of Fun” for the rest of the family in the season three premiere “Tanner’s Island”, and this led to rising tensions among the grown-ups and thus, leaving the girls worried and D.J. having to use a conch/shell near her feet to calm everyone down.

Danny is also obsessed with cleaning and wants to make sure there’s no speck of dust, dirt, or mildew on anything he owns. His motto is, “Clean is good, dirt is bad.” D.J. and Stephanie do not like cleaning as much as Danny thinks they do. In “Granny Tanny”, Stephanie confessed that one Christmas, when she asked Santa for a cleaning tool, she did not know he would actually bring it to her. In the episode “Honey, I Broke the House”, he even seems to care more about the mess that Stephanie made in the kitchen, than the fact that she drove Joey’s new car through the kitchen wall.

In the episode “The Trouble with Danny” in season five, it was hinted that Danny may have had a mild form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) because of his obsessive cleaning and his telling D.J. and Stephanie to chew their food “24 times” exactly. However, he decided to find a balance between clean and dirty because he realized his cleaning was getting out of control. In the episode “Joey Goes Hollywood”, he revealed that his favorite scent is Lemon Pledge. He got Michelle to become his special helper on his “Christmas”, making her hope that he would be proud of her if she was very clean and tidy. In “Spellbound”, he used cleaning products to teach Michelle the alphabet.

Daniel Tenner Biography and Net Worth


Pamela Katsopolis

Daniel Tenner Biography and Net Worth: Pam was Danny’s wife and the mother of his children. She died in a car crash shortly before the series began. Danny eventually asks a woman out on a date, and afterward, explains to D.J. and Stephanie that he and Pam talked a lot of things over, like what would happen if something happened to one of them. He said that their mother would be glad that he would be making a new friend.

Vicky Larson

Daniel Tenner Biography and Net Worth: Vicky Larson is Danny’s girlfriend and brief fiancee. Vicky and Danny meet on the set of Wake Up, San Francisco while she is filling in for Becky, who is on maternity leave. At first, when they meet, Danny is named Bachelor of the Month and gets a swelled head about so many girls wanting to go on dates with him. Vicky dislikes him for having so many dates in a short period of time, which is described by Vicky as “shallow”. Danny then asks Vicky, on air, to go on a date with him. Having an audience watching, she accepts.

Daniel Tenner Biography and Net Worth
Claire Mahan

Daniel Tenner Biography and Net Worth: Claire Mahan is the mother of Gia Mahan, one of Stephanie’s close friends. They meet when Stephanie goes to Gia’s unsupervised make-out party. They get off to a rough start, with Danny blaming Claire for not knowing her daughter was hosting a party, but after softening up, he admits that he blamed her because he did not want to blame himself for not knowing Stephanie was going.


Daniel Tenner Biography and Net Worth: Cindy first meets Danny when he walks into her store with his laundry separated into four groups. They start dating, but Cindy’s ten-year-old son, Rusty, gets in the way of that, trying to keep Danny and Cindy apart with pranks because he strongly believes that Cindy and her divorced partner will get back together and because he also wants to keep Cindy away from any other men.

Daniel Tenner Biography and Net Worth

Family And Fuller Of Daniel K Daniel


  • Claire Tanner – mother
  • Pamela Tanner – wife (deceased)
  • D.J. Tanner – daughter
  • Stephanie Tanner – daughter
  • Michelle Tanner – daughter
  • Wendy Tanner – sister
  • Jesse Katsopolis – brother-in-law
  • Rebecca Donaldson-Katsopolis – sister-in-law
  • Nicky Katsopolis – nephew
  • Alex Katsopolis – nephew
  • Steve – nephew
  • Nick Katsopolis – father-in-law
  • Irene Katsopolis – mother-in-law
  • Iorgos Katsopolis – grandfather-in-law (deceased)
  • Gina Katsopolis – grandmother-in-law
  • Stavros – cousin-in-law
Daniel Tenner Biography and Net Worth

Fuller House

  • Teri Tanner – ex-wife
  • Jackson Fuller – grandson
  • Max Fuller – grandson
  • Tommy Fuller, Jr. – grandson
  • Tommy Fuller, Sr. – son-in-law (deceased)
  • Danielle Tanner-Gibbler – granddaughter
  • Steve Hale – son-in-law
  • Jimmy Gibbler – son-in-law


Daniel Tenner Biography and Net Worth

Aug 2003 – Jul 2007

  • 4 years
  • Consultant – Accenture

Jun 2007 – Mar 2008

  • 10 months in London, United Kingdom
  • Tech Cofounder – Vocalix Technologies Ltd
  • Vocalix is an international telecommunications service provider established in 2013.

Dec 2006 – Present

  • 3 months in London, United Kingdom
  • CTO and Cofounder – Woobius Ltd
  • Woobius is a revolutionary collaboration hub for the construction industry, free for small projects if not inexpensive.
Daniel Tenner Biography and Net Worth

Oct 2010 – Present

  • 12 years 5 months – London, United Kingdom
  • Founder – GrantTree
  • GrantTree is a team of engineers, scientists, and consultants dedicated to helping the UK’s most innovative companies grow. We’re experts in Innovation Grants and R&D Tax Credits and have worked with 550 Science & Technology companies to successfully raise over £75 million in government funding for UK businesses. Our entrepreneurial spirit and niche expertise mean we’re equipped to guide start-ups, entrepreneurs, and established businesses through the maze of funding options. We offer business support in the form of innovation workshops and business model canvas and are always here to have a chat about any innovation or funding problems you’re facing.

Sep 2021 – Present

  • 1 year 6 months – London
  • Founder/Creator –
  • Creating content at the intersection between web3, NFTs, and startups
Daniel Tenner Biography and Net Worth

Jan 2023 – Present

  • 2 months – London, England, United Kingdom
  • Founder – pledg3r
  • pledg3r is Shares 2.0. We are reinventing the startup fundraising process using NFTs, with full regulatory compliance, creating a Kickstarter on Steroids for startups.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What can NFTs be used for?

NFTs can represent digital or real-world items like artwork and real estate. “Tokenizing” these real-world tangible assets makes buying, selling, and trading them more efficient while reducing the probability of fraud.

How do NFTs grow in money?

The direct and effective method of making money with NFTs is to create and sell them.

Do most people make money with NFTs?

There’s no limit to the amount you can make creating and selling your own NFTs.

Can NFTs generate income?

NFT royalties work in a similar way to other creative asset royalties such as music, films, art, etc. If you are one of the NFT creators, you can earn passive income from your NFTs long after they are sold.

Where is Daniel K Daniel from?

Daniel Kanayo Daniel was born at the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital, Maiduguri, Borno State, in Northeastern Nigeria on 22 May 1986.

Which state is Hero Daniels from?

Hero Daniels Ifeanyichukwu is Host of Come Play Naija and he isn’t new to the game. A native of Anambra State, Hero began his broadcasting career in Nigeria at the age of 13 as a presenter for the Anambra Broadcasting Service.

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