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Do Kwon Terra Net Worth: The Terra blockchain was developed by Korean businessman Do Kwon. When, in March 2022, his UST stablecoin and Luna coin lost 99% of their value in a matter of days, his financial plight attracted the attention of the cryptocurrency world. Thousands of traders and investors have experienced financial losses. Do Kwon himself did not avoid this tragedy, but he stayed in the ranks and is still working now.

Do Kwon Terra Net Worth


Do Kwon Terra Net Worth: Do Kwon is the founder of Terra Luna, a company that specializes in providing sustainable solutions for lunar exploration and development. With a background in aerospace engineering and a passion for space exploration, Do has become a prominent figure in the industry.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the life and career of this visionary entrepreneur, and explore his contributions to the field of space exploration.

Basic Information

Stage Name:Do Kwon
Real Name:Kwon Do-Hyung
Occupation:Cryptocurrency Developer
Date Of Birth/Age:06 September 1991 (31 Years Old)
Place of Birth:South Korea
Nationality:South Korean
Marital Status:Married
Education:Daewon Foreign Language High School
Stanford University
Do Kwon Terra Net Worth

Do Kwon Terra Net Worth 2023

Do Kwon Terra Net Worth: Kwon’s current estimated 2023 net worth, post the Terra crash, is believed to be between $135 – $150 million, based on the Bitcoin holdings he has in the Luna Foundation Guard wallet.

However, due to his extensive experience in the Cryptocurrency industry and involvement in multiple projects, his actual net worth could be significantly higher, making it difficult to accurately speculate. In saying that, the absolute minimum estimate for his net worth is $135 million due to the Bitcoin wallet.

It is assumed that the BTC wallet is in Do Kwon’s possession as 10BTC has been withdrawn from the wallet via a Bitcoin ATM located in Serbia, where he is thought to be hiding from the South Korean government. Serbia does not currently have an extradition treaty with South Korea, making it an ideal place for Kwon to hide from Korean authorities.

Early Life and Education

Do Kwon Terra Net Worth: Do Kwon was born in South Korea and grew up with a strong interest in science and technology. He earned a degree in aerospace engineering from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. After graduation, Do work for several years as an engineer for major aerospace companies, including NASA and SpaceX.

Do Kwon Terra Net Worth

Personal Life

Do Kwon Terra Net Worth: Kwon is a very private person and isn’t very open about his personal affairs. However, it’s known he’s married and has a daughter living in South Korea. He ironically named his child LUNA after his “greatest creation”. In May 2022, his wife had to file for police protection after an investor who lost $2 million, trespassed into Kwon’s building.

Crypto Career

Do Kwon Terra Net Worth: In 2016, Do Kwon created a peer-to-peer communications company named Anify. He served as the firm’s CEO until 2017 and then ventured into the crypto industry. In 2018, he co-founded Terraform Labs with business executive Daniel Shin.

The company’s goal was to produce a decentralized stablecoin that would maintain its value. The corporation also created the LUNA token, which is utilized as a native currency on the Terra blockchain. It also supervised the creation of CHAI, an e-commerce platform that used UST.

A career in Space Exploration

Do Kwon Terra Net Worth: In 2016, Do found Terra Luna with the goal of providing sustainable solutions for lunar exploration and development. The company specializes in designing and manufacturing lunar landers and rovers, as well as developing infrastructure for long-term human settlements on the moon. Do’s leadership has played an important role in Terra Luna’s rapid growth and success in the industry. He has also been a vocal advocate for increased investment in space exploration and has spoken at numerous conferences and events on the subject.

Do Kwon Terra Net Worth

Key Contributions

Do Kwon Terra Net Worth: Do’s work at Terra Luna has led to several major advancements in the field of lunar exploration, including the development of a new type of lunar lander that is more efficient and cost-effective than previous designs.

His company has also been a leader in the development of new technologies for lunar resource extraction, such as 3D printing and in-situ resource utilization.

Do’s vision for sustainable lunar development has also been influential, and he has been a vocal advocate for using space exploration as a means of addressing global issues such as climate change and resource scarcity.

Do Kwon Actual Income

Do Kwon Actual Income: The South Korean programmer made a quick career. He worked as an ordinary software engineer for several years, but in early 2018, Kwon created his own blockchain and cryptocurrency. Yes, he did not do it himself, but we are interested in the career and income of this particular person.

Do Kwon Actual Income: Terraform Labs Pte has been a source of income for Kwon for many years. The collapse of his empire did not change the balance of things. He is still 100% in crypto and draws money from his company.

Do Kwon Terra Net Worth

Do Kwon Actual Income: Luna’s creator’s income has dropped dramatically. This is not surprising. He has not dropped out of the industry and his investment assets still bring him money. However, it is limited in its ability to use them. South Korean authorities expect to seize both Do Kwon himself and his assets, which can be used to compensate investors for losses.

UST and LUNA’s Status

UST and LUNA gained widespread recognition in the crypto space with early investors banking impressive returns. However, in May 2022 the house of cards fell apart. UST debugged and its price is now languishing at 2 cents. Because LUNA is directly linked to UST and dropped 99.99%. 

These price changes had a massive ripple effect on Bitcoin and the wider market. Many folks saw a significant portion of their life savings disappears. The Terra blockchain is now a ghost and most exchanges remove the cryptocurrency.

Terra Luna and Other Do Kwon’s Crypto Assets

Do Kwon is not a blogger, so he rarely discusses his cryptocurrency portfolio, especially when it comes to tokens of competing projects. Most of his money has always been in cryptocurrencies. The man has always led a relatively modest lifestyle. He cannot be called a miser, but excessive luxury is alien to him. It is necessary to evaluate his lifestyle in the context of his multi-million dollar capital. The modesty of a millionaire and a simple hard worker are two different things.

Do Kwon Terra Net Worth

When the price of Terra Luna topped $100, Do Kwon net worth topped $1 billion. This confirms the conjecture that there were about 10 million coins in his personal wallet.

Do Kwon’s net worth before the crash of the Terra ecosystem

The crypto industry saw a remarkable bullish trend in 2019 and 2020, where the combined value of all digital assets spiked beyond $3 trillion. Prior to the collapse of Terra, reports revealed that Luna Foundation Guard (LFG) – a nonprofit organization founded to maintain the stability of the UST peg and foster the growth of the Terra ecosystem – became one of the largest Bitcoin holders, having acquired more than 80,000 BTC, or 0.4% of the entire Bitcoin supply.

With Do Kwon currently suspected of being in possession of LFG’s wallet, it could be argued that he was in possession of this wallet all along. That would put Do Kwon’s net worth before the Terra crash at about $3 billion if we take the average price of Bitcoin during early 2022 into account. And that’s not accounting for other holdings and investments.

Furthermore, reports also revealed accusations of Terraform Labs’ co-founder having shadow wallets that carried over $200 million worth of LUNA tokens. However, facts about the shadow wallets have not yet been confirmed. It is worth noting that Do Kwon himself commented on his fortune in early 2022, saying that he was a billionaire when the LUNA token was trading near $100.

Do Kwon Terra Net Worth
14 June 2022, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Rottweil: The logo of the cryptocurrency Terra Luna, as well as the candlestick chart with the sell-off, can be seen on the screen of a computer in an office. Photo: Silas Stein/ (Photo by Silas Stein/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Do Kwon remains a crypto millionaire despite the monumental collapse of his project

Despite the monumental failure of the Terra ecosystem, which caused thousands of investors to lose their money, Do Kwon has remained extraordinarily rich, at least according to reports and blockchain data we’ve managed to examine.

If you are interested in how Do Kwon stacks up against other prominent crypto figures, check out the net worth of Ethereum’s founder Vitalik Buterin, the anonymous founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, and TRON founder Justin Sun.

Do Kwon make his fortune

A majority of Kwon’s net worth was made from his two major stablecoin projects Basis Cash and Terra (LUNA). Prior to the Terra crash in 2022, his net worth was an estimated $4 billion. The price of Luna started at $0.1 and had reached $116 per token by April 2022. Basis Cash (BAC) had started at $500 and had a high of $920.

Do Kwon make a comeback in Crypto

Do Kwon has only made two appearances publicly since the fall of Terra in 2022 which were on Laura Shin’s podcast and the UpOnly podcast. In both appearances, Kwon stated that he is already working on several new projects and has begun hiring engineers and developers.

Do Kwon Terra Net Worth

However, it is hard to say if it is even possible for Kwon to make a comeback considering he is currently wanted by multiple governments including South Korea and the United States.

Do Kwon a Scammer

No, Do Kwon is not a scammer. Although his projects have failed, he has been open and honest about the mistakes made and has taken responsibility. However, there are some in the crypto community who believe that Kwon is a scam artist, due to the failure of his projects. Ultimately, it is up to individual investors to decide whether or not they believe in Kwon and his new projects. ‍

Terra LUNA: The Reason That Flushed Away Do Kwon Net Worth

LUNA is the native token of the Terra Blockchain System. Stablecoins such as Tether (USDT) is pegged with the actual US dollar which is a stable currency itself because the US Dollar, of course, is contained in the actual banks of the United States and other reserves from over the World. Also, US Dollar is issued by the United States, the country, hence its value and worth increase day by day, it doesn’t decrease, hence it makes the native token USDT Stable & Safe.

On the other hand, the value of LUNA was pegged with Terra USD (UST) which is another stable token developed by Terraform Labs themselves. Its value is not tied to any actual currency like US Dollar, instead, it used a complex set of codes to determine its value which was equivalent to the value of the US Dollar. Hence, it was known as a stablecoin back in the old days before the crash.

Do Kwon Terra Net Worth

The major reason behind the crash was the de-pegging of Terra LUNA (LUNA Classic Currently) with Terra USD (UST), which according to me might be a technical glitch on the server end, but it might also be a pre-planned crash by the company, as the company was not responding to its users and other people’s trolls on Twitter. During the initial few days, the company was acting like it did not even exist. Also, the creator of Terra LUNA has a history of creating failed stablecoins.

To compensate for the falling price of LUNA, the company minted extra few million LUNA tokens, but instead of increasing the value of LUNA, it made the value fall down exponentially, but the company did not even burn the extra minted LUNA coins to re-stabilize the value of the token.

Do Kwon Terra Net Worth: Many leading crypto exchange companies like WazirX, CoinDCX, Binance, Coinbase, etc were ready to help Terraform Labs during that critical time and these companies were ready to provide technical support to help them stabilize the value of Terra LUNA by re-pegging the token with UST, but on the contrary, they didn’t even accept their help.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What happened to Terra cryptocurrency?

Terra Luna has lost over 99.9% of its value. Why did a once popular and trusted crypto project crash and burn to an extent where almost all of its value was wiped ou… LUNA is the native cryptocurrency of the Terra ecosystem.

Is Terra coin a good investment?

LUNA may be a profitable investment. In 2023, the Terra crypto’s price may be at the level of $204.73. In 2025, the rate should not change so much.

Why is Terra a good coin?

Terra can become a hotbed for both DeFi and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Lower transaction costs and network scalability have potentially made Terra one of the top 10 most valuable DeFi protocols.

How much is Terra crypto worth?

The current price is $0.000169 per LUNA. Terra is 100.00% below the all-time high of $119.18. The current circulating supply is 5,915,735,430,830.37 LUNA.

Does Do Kwon still have money?

Terraform Labs co-founder Do Kwon, whose cryptocurrency ecosystem collapsed in a $40 billion wipeout in May, told The Wall Street Journal that he lost almost all his net worth in the crash.

How did Do Kwon make his money?

Kwon co-founded Terra to use blockchain technology to develop a more efficient payment system. Its eponymous price-stable cryptocurrency, or stablecoin, attracted 40 million users to work with the company at its launch in January 2018.

Does Do Kwon have an Instagram account?

Do Kwon (@dozyon) Instagram photos and videos.

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